If you want payroll that is accurate, easy, and local, then IDEAL Payroll Service is for you!

Just imagine how good it will feel to know that your payroll is accurate, secure, and done right every time you process!  Now that’s IDEAL!

Before you can relax and let go of the stress of payroll, you need to have confidence and trust in the company you choose. This is an important decision for a successful business like yours to make. So while you’re reviewing our site, you’ll quickly start to realize that nobody does payroll processing like IDEAL Payroll Service! 

ACCURATE & RELIABLE: When you process payroll with IDEAL, you know that everything is done right…from paying your new employee to keeping the IRS tax man happy!

SCALABLE TECHNOLOGY: You’re in business to grow and expand, are you not?  With IDEAL by your side, our online platform gives you everything your business needs whether you have 1 employee or 100+ employees!  

LOCAL SUPPORT: You may or may not realize that not all payroll companies are created equal. Consider this, have you ever tried to call the phone company for support? You likely wasted hours on hold, had multiple department transfers, and were left with unresolved issues. It is a nightmare! Many of our clients battled through this same lack of service before making the switch to IDEAL! With our personalized, one-to-one approach, we know you by name and we know the details that make your payroll unique. Have you started to realize yet just how valuable a local payroll relationship can be? 

MORE THAN PAYROLL: You’ve probably noticed how really successful businesses are always looking for ways to improve. When you partner with IDEAL, you get access to our exclusive IDEAL Business Builder Program which is designed to help grow your profits and connect you to new customers that want to buy your products & services! Isn’t it easy to see how we bring so much more to your business than any other payroll vendor!

So we could tell you that IDEAL Payroll Service provides unparalleled support, world-class technology, and is the absolute best payroll solution for your business, but we won’t. We’ll let you click below and find our for yourself!

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The fact that you’re here means you are considering a payroll service. Before you choose a provider, you’ll want to watch this video and discover the 3 most critical factors that will impact your decision!

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what others are saying!

  • "I've been contacted by a lot of other payroll companies, but we stick with Ideal Payroll because their prices are fair, but mostly because they provide exceptional customer service every time we have a need or special request."
    Brian B – Local Restaurant Owner
  • "Ideal payroll has been fantastic to work with. We left another large payroll processor two years ago and we couldn't be happier with the rates, level of service, and the amazing support that Ideal Payroll Solutions offers us. If you are thinking about making a switch for all of your payroll needs, I highly recommend Ideal Payroll Service. They are amazing."
    Brian F – Local Car Wash
  • "Ideal Payroll Service has proven to be the best payroll service I have ever used ... and being in business for over 30 years I have used all the major payroll services. Ideal Payroll Service has an easy online interface and if I need help I get a "real person" on the line every time I call. Payroll has never been so easy! Highly Recommended."
    Phil L – Home Health Company
  • "First of all I want to applaud you for reaching out to small businesses and offering this support and to open up dialogue. You are a true leader...Keep up the good work you are doing for this community!"  
    Rock S – Non-Profit Church