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How to Choose a Payroll Service

So you decided to outsource your payroll processing.  Now, you must choose a payroll service to help your business.  Here are 4 areas to compare when looking at payroll services:

  1.  Types of payroll products available
    • Can the payroll service grow with you as your business expands?  Most payroll services provide the basics of payroll calculations, payroll tax services, quarterly filings, W2s and direct deposit. Additional areas you may need include employee time clocks, PTO tracking, benefit enrollments, ACA tracking, electronic new hire onboarding, and more.   Make sure you are with a provider that can meet those needs.
    • It may be beneficial to use a full Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that combines payroll software, payroll tax, human resource management, time clocks, and more into one solution
  2. Consider how the services are provided
    • Do you want a local contact for customer support? Or do you want to work with a large national company with multiple departments and offices out of state?
  3. Consider the main focus of the provider
    • Do you want a company that tries to provide all services such as health insurance, retirement plans, bookkeeping, and/or accounting? Or do you want a company that only focuses on the main areas of payroll processing and human resources?
  4. Consider the company culture
    • Do you want to work with a large corporate vendor? Or do you prefer a smaller local brand?  This will go a long way with communication and customer service if you have a similar mindset

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This article was published by Ideal Payroll Service Founder and President Joe Sova. Joe is a local entrepreneur with a passion for business success. Ideal Payroll Service specializes in payroll services and human capital management software for local businesses.

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