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Why Use a Payroll Service?

Payroll processing can be done using in house payroll software.  The alternative is to look for a payroll service to help.  Payroll services typically cost more than in house software, however there are benefits you receive from making the additional investment:

  1. Payroll services help businesses focus on what they do best without worrying about payroll compliance.  Businesses don’t have to worry about deadlines and filings because it’s taken care of.  Using a third party payroll software can bring peace of mind.
  2. Payroll services provide a continuity plan.  It can be a big problem if a small business does payroll in house and the one person that handles payroll leaves the company. Using a third party payroll company ensures payroll is processed no matter what your staff is like.
  3. Payroll services provide an easy way to maintain records.  Online Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms store data such as I-9’s, W4’s, signed handbooks, and more.  This eliminates paper files from the office.  Also it ensures data is safe in the event of a disaster at the office that would have destroyed computers, files, etc.
  4. Payroll services provide confidentiality.  Access to owner pay or other sensitive data can be restricted from employees and staff so it’s not stored on site.

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This article was published by Ideal Payroll Service Founder and President Joe Sova. Joe is a local entrepreneur with a passion for business success. Ideal Payroll Service specializes in payroll services and human capital management software for local businesses.

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