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Why Use a Payroll Service?

Payroll processing can be done using in house payroll software.  The alternative is to look for a payroll service to help.  Payroll services typically cost more than in house software, however there are benefits you receive from making the additional investment: Payroll services help businesses focus on what they...

How to Choose a Payroll Service

So you decided to outsource your payroll processing.  Now, you must choose a payroll service to help your business.  Here are 4 areas to compare when looking at payroll services:  Types of payroll products available Can the payroll service grow with you as your business expands?  Most payroll services provide the...

Human Capital Management 101

Human Capital Management, or HCM as it’s often referred, is a way to organize and manage your workforce.  It’s often lumped together with other terms such as Human Resources (HR), Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), and others.  It can include things such as tracking new applicants, onboarding new hires,...

Payroll Tax ID Numbers in Nebraska

Businesses require three tax ID numbers to start payroll processing in Nebraska: Federal Tax ID – Apply for an EIN with the IRS. Use the online option and get an ID assigned within a few minutes: Apply for EIN Nebraska Withholding Tax – Complete Nebraska Form 20 and apply for...

Pay Frequency Pros & Cons

Every business chooses how often they pay employees.  The best frequency will depend on your cash flow, employee expectations, and other factors specific to your business. In Nebraska, businesses can change their pay frequency as long as the employees receive a 30 day advance notice. Be sure to choose what...

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